The Ruchè vineyards. It all starts with a shoot.

Bric d’Bianc Vineyard

Located on a south-facing hillside on the road from Castagnole to Asti, Bric d’Bianc is the largest single Ruchè vineyard in the production zone for that fabled clear-blue variety. The soils are loose, rich in limestone and barren – the right combination that doesn’t give too much life to the vines. The altitude and southwestern exposure to the sun impart concentration and structure to the wines while maintaining a degree of elegance in their taste. On this hill we also cultivate a little plot of Syrah grapes used in our Il Re Monferrato Rosso, a blend of Ruchè and Syrah.

Montiò Vineyard

Just a few hundred meters from Bric d’Bianc, on the same ridge toward Castagnole, rises the hill of Montiò. Here is where Luca planted Barbera vines on a 1.4-hectare strip of land that today produce the grapes for his Barbera d’Asti Superiore la Regina. The yield is limited to 5 tons of grapes per hectare. The characteristics of the soil are essentially the same as at Montemagno, making for powerful wines, deep in color and well structured.

San Giacomo Vineyard

Driving from Castagnole on the SP11 road in the direction of Moncalvo, you pass a scenic landscape of many Ruchè vineyards representing most of the wineries of the area. Here, Luca Ferraris owns three plots totaling 8 hectares, four of them are planted with Ruchè. The first is located along the first road on the left and called San Giacomo in honor of the chapel dedicated to him just a few meters away. This vineyard is planted with both the Ruchè and Barbera varieties.

Dorati Vineyard

The second vineyard on the right hand side of the SP11 road is named Dorati, a 1.8- hectare plot planted solely with Ruchè vines. The hillside has an eastern exposure, but thanks to its “up-and-down” – or ritocchino – system, Ferraris ensures the needed amount of natural light ideal for cultivating the Ruchè variety. Such well-managed exposure results in a medium-structured wine with a significant aromatic profile that emits the floral and spicy scents typical of the Ruchè zone.

Grape of the Ruchè in Castagnole Monferrato Ferraris

Santa Eufemia Vineyard

The third vineyard on the same road, Santa Eufemia, is 4 hectares wide, making it the winery’s second largest. Cultivated with Ruchè, Grignolino and Barbera vines, it benefits from ideal southwestern exposure. One the company’s most important vineyards, Ferraris
bought it in 2009 with the intention of purchasing nearby land and making it his biggest plot of land. It will become the company’s most representative vineyard thanks to its accessibility through the most spectacular rural road in Ruchè country.

Il Casot Vineyard

Nestled near the towns of Castagnole, Montemagno and Grana, the Montalbera area is home to company’s first vineyards, which were purchased by Luca’s grandfather in 1923. They’re planted with Grignolino, Barbera and the first-ever Viognier grapes cultivated in
the Piedmont region, which were introduced in 2006. Casot is famous for its reddish, sandy soils that impart unique characteristics such as an elegant nose and very dry tannins to the Grignolino variety.

Mondiasene Vineyard

To the east of Castagnole along the road to Alessandria is the Mondianese vineyard planted with 1.5 hectares of Ruchè. Like the Dorati vineyard, Mondianese enjoys a southeastern exposure, resulting in a freshness in the fruit that enhances the wine’s olfactory richness. Only the combination of highly exposed vineyards with fresher cultivars can give Ruchè all the right characteristics to make the perfect wine.

Montemagno Vineyard

The most recently developed Ferraris vineyard is located in the Commune of Montemagno 3 km north of Castagnole. Its Barbera sector produces the grapes for our Barbera del Monferrato. Another five hectares is divided into Ruchè, Grignolino, Barbera and Chardonnay. The soil is extremely mineral, so the grapes have extra mineralogy and acidity. In fact, the grapes grown here are generally ready for the harvest some 5 to 10 days before those from other vineyards.

Grape Ruchè ready for Harvest Ferraris Agricola

The Ferraris vineyards extend in the hills of Piedmont in the Monferrato area of Italy, in Castagnole Monferrato in the province of Asti, where Ruchè is born and all the quality red wines and tasty whites that our vineyards offer.

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