Sunset overlooking the Ruchè hills of Ferraris

Monferrato is the town of Castagnole Monferrato

The town of Castagnole Monferrato is 14 km from Asti, 20 km from Casale and 25 km from Alessandria in the province of Asti in the Piedmont region. Set on a ridge at an altitude of 230 meters above sea level, it is surrounded by a natural amphitheater of lush hills. From here one can admire spectacular nearby peaks in the Alps such as Monviso, Monterosa, Cervino and Mont Blanc. The name Castagnole comes from chestnut trees – or castagni – that used to cover the surrounding hills. Today those woods have been replaced by vineyards. Although it is best known for its agriculture, Castagnole Monferrato is a pretty town resplendent with picturesque views, deep character and many historic buildings, some of them dating back to the fifteenth century. The town grew around its two main churches, and incidentally, is also home to the largest antique wine press in Europe.

Where to eat in Castagnole Monferrato

Restaurant  Da Geppe

Via Umberto I, 10 – Castagnole Monferrato (AT)

0141 292113

Restaurant Il Crivello d’Oro

Via al Castello, 44 – Castagnole Monferrato (AT)
0141 292237

Restaurant Al Rooster’s

Via San Giovanni Bosco, 11 – Montemagno (AT)

0141 63626/63608

Restaurant La Culla di Bacco

via Garibaldi, 6 – Castagnole Monferrato
0141 292174

Restaurant Il Merlo Ghiottone

Via Roma, 88 – Castagnole Monferrato (AT)
0141 292134

Accomodations in Castagnole Monferrato

B&B La Locanda dei Musici

Via al Castello, 40 – Castagnole Monferrato (AT)
0141 292283 

Villa Carlotta

Sulle colline del Monferrato – Contattare il proprietario
+39 348 45 00 802 (Alberto)

Hotel Cavour

Piazza Marconi, 18 Asti
0141 530222

Il Medolo di Pusterla

Via Cavour, 76 – Castagnole Monferrato

Antico Borgo Monchiero

Località Monchiero Alto, 3
12060 Monchiero (CN) Italy
+39 0173 792190

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